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Discover the unmissable places to see in Pays de Châteaugiron !

Take a natural and cultural break in Châteaugiron, just 15 min from Rennes !

Sculpture chateau des pères

Château des Pères, Piré-Chancé

Need a peaceful walk ? With 31 hectares, the Château des Pères at Piré-Chancé offers a charming walk between art, nature and heritage.  Take a moment to observe the huge work art and let your imagination go ! If you want to know more about the sculpture,  have a look  on the 6 artist workshops. The Château des Pères is also recognize for its gastronomy and hotel : you will find there three restaurants and one futurist hotel.  A very nice place for curious and greedy people….

Châteaugiron castle et the art center Les 3 CHA 

In the thick of Châteaugiron, this castle has two faces : on the one hand, it’s a powerful fortfied castle and on the other hand, it’s also a resident castle from the 18th century. Our tourist office propose some guided tours for discovering the history castle. 

Installed in the chapel of Châteaugiron castle, th art center had welcomed promising artist like WAR! or Duy Anh Nhan Duc. Each exposition is unique and is created for this amazing place.  Since 2022,  the dungeon is also transformed in a art galery. 

Château de Châteaugiron

Trésor de Haute-Bretagne

Let’s go for discovering the destination with geocaching “Trésor de Bretagne”. It’s a geocaching application created  just for the destination “Rennes et les Portes de Bretagne”, around Rennes.  What is géocaching ? It’s a high tech treasure hunt which help to discover history of villages, country… in a funny way !  


Saint-pierre church, Noyal-sur-Vilaine

Built on the end of the 19th century, the monument can surprise by its outside aspect. Have you already seen a church with this kind of  horizontality ? The church offers an other curiosity. Go behind it, and then, admire the helical tower, a fabulous architectural feat. The inside is also surprising with its exceptionnal vaulted. 

Eglise de noyal sur vilaine
Château de gué

La boucle du Gué, Servon-sur-Vilaine

Take your hiking shoes and let’s go for this nice walk (7.5 km) at Servon-sur-Vilaine. On your way, you will cross the river “Vilaine”, you could admire the Gué Castle or take a break in the natural park (Pasdavy), where you will find calm and quietude. Maybe, you will see the inhabitants of the place… sheeps !  

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