Welcome to Pays de Châteaugiron !

Come and fill up with culture and nature at 15min from Rennes !

You’re looking for healing ?

You are in the good place ! Stay some days in Pays de Châteaugiron, it’s like walking between heritage et contemporary art, it’s taking his time to relink with the nature, it’s strenghten ties living unique moments. The Pays de Châteaugiron, a destination for all, at the doors of Bretagne !

Donjon châteaugiron

For « old stones » lovers :

Prepare you ! The Pays de Châteaugiron territory is full of treasures … Among châteaux, chapels and churches, or even wash-houses, yours eyes will be solicited everywhere ! To not forget anything, click here : cultural heritage.

For art’s lovers :

In the Pays de Châteaugiron’s territory, past and now are living softly, are opposing and completing at the same time. In the public place or closed places, art lights the heritage and makes him alive. Walk on the territory looking for your favorite pieces of art ! Some of them are, maybe, hidden…

Château des Pères
Photo de test

For them wishing to relink with Mother Nature :

Discover the calm and the quietud of the Pays de Châteaugiron across his natural spaces and his green spaces. Come and profit of a breaking time in the heart of the Vallée du Rimon, in Domloup, of the humid area of la Glaume at Châteaugiron, or even, of the natural site of Pasdavy at Servon-sur-Vilaine. You also can walk thanks to the 13 hikings.

To discover the natural sites, it’s here.

To hiking, it’s here.

For them liking to move :

Exhibitions, guided visits, concerts, festivals, spectacles… There is always an event on the territory ! To organize your holiday, it’s here :

se sur le territoire ! Pour planifier vos vacances en fonction de vos sorties, c’est ici : agenda

Foodtruck au brunch
Fauteuil roulant

For all of us:

The Tourist Office is engaged, since 2019, in an accessibility démarche ! Guided visits, walks, accommodation … for accessible holidays.

Découvrez le Pays de Châteaugiron en vidéo !

Feel free to contact us by mail or phone, we will be pleased to help you constructing your stay !

Waiting to host you in Châteaugiron !

The Tourist Office team !


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